​​​​​​​Creating a recycling scheme to keep Western Australia beautiful

On June 2 2020 Western Australia will introduce Containers for Change, a state-wide container deposit scheme that lets you cash in eligible containers for 10 cents each.

Beverage containers currently account for 44% of all litter by volume in WA. The aim of the scheme is to reduce litter, increase recycling and create new opportunities for the community to participate in environment protection.

Hundreds of container refund points are planned, many will hopefully be operated by community groups and social enterprises.

The job of setting up the network has begun and there will be lots of information available in the coming months.

Not-for-profit entity WA Return Recycle Renew Ltd has been appointed WA’s Scheme Coordinator.

To find out more about how you can be involved in Containers for Change, WA’s container deposit scheme, visit www.warrrl.com.au or call us on 13 42 42

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